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Neuron is always a quick text or email away, simplifies managing quotes, maintenance, and job planning. Enjoy more time to concentrate on the vital aspects of your business, enhancing productivity and focus.

Work smarter with Neuron

Focus on delighting your customers and let Neuron handle all the mundane admin and operational tasks.

Save Time and Money

Less time on repetitive admin means more time (and resources) for growing your business.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Neuron helps you stay a step ahead of your competition

Empower Your Team

Reduce the workload on your staff, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

How it works

Simplify your admin challenges

Efficient Solutions for Quotations, Maintenance, Planning, and Pricing - All via Text Messaging and Email

Instant Quotations

Need a quote? Text Neuron and get a detailed quotation in a snap. Fast, accurate, and hassle-free!

Machinery Maintenance? Sorted!

Wondering which machinery needs attention? A quick text to Neuron, and you'll know which equipment needs maintenance, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Weekly Job Planning Made Easy

Struggling with weekly job allocations? Let Neuron take the wheel. Send a text or email and get a well-organised plan for all your employees for the week.

Use cases

Streamline internal workflows

Unlock the potential of a connected ecosystem. Neuron integrates with your existing tools to streamline processes and boost productivity.

Annual Leave Approval Workflow

Neuron works with your existing internal approval workflows.

Annual Leave Approval Workflow

Works with all the tools you're currently using


+100s more


Get started quickly with our daily plan, perfect for occasional users. Increase your efficiency with our monthly plan, featuring advanced workflows. Need enterprise-level solutions? Contact us for a custom plan



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  • Unlimited Daily Usage

  • Daily Billing Cycle

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  • Unlimited Monthly Usage

  • Advanced Workflows

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  • Unlimited Annual Usage

  • Multi-agent Advanced Workflows

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  • No more tedious admin tasks.

  • No more guesswork in pricing and planning.

  • Just smart, simple, and speedy solutions at your fingertips.

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Personalised digital employee

Simplest solution for managing new proposals - All via Text Messaging and Email

Quick Responses

Need a to plan a job? Text Neuron and get a detailed plan in a snap. Fast, accurate, and hassle-free!

Similar to an existing project? Sorted!

Wondering which previous project is best used as a reference for this job? A quick text to Neuron, and you'll know which previous project is best used as a case study.

Personalised Support

Need to offer maintenance and service contracts? Use Neuron as your first line of support. Your customers interact with Neuron to troubleshoot issues. Neuron is smart enough to deal with 90% of queries without additional human interaction